SmartBro downgrade there service Plan 999

Will you be happy if you are into an internet service provider that you enjoy and now downgrade their service?

Its almost 4 days that my internet connection sucks! As I DMed @SMARTcares my concern they reply me that the service I subscribed implement a new policy “myBro’s Fair Usage Policy” which mean they limit the allocated volume speed for every subscribers.




The problem as a consumer, Its unfair to us to pay 999php for 1mbps and now turns like 0.10mbps already! I see the point why they do this they are now Over-capacity and they longer support the demand for bandwidth for all its fixed wireless subscribers. So instead of upgrading there network bandwidth to accommodate new subscribers, they can simply and easily get a limit for every user allocation in a month.

But before they do this it would be great if they inform us(consumer) so that we can decide whether to switch to other network or continue with there service. What they are trying to do now is to force their subscriber to moved or upgrade for higher Plan 1995. They are killing there subscribers now!

is it fair???
Guys, what service provider do you think is better now? Im dissapointed and planning to switch for a best internet experinced!